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Residential Services

  • UPVC
  • Panelling & Cladding
  • Canopies
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Guttering & Rhones
  • Garage doors
  • Stair cleaning
  • Power washing

From Edinburgh's suburban homes and bungalows to city flats and tenements, Hi and Low Window Cleaning Services will keep your windows clear and bright and make sure your property looks its best whatever the weather.

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Water Fed Pole System

How it works
Water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities leaving the water completely pure. The water is then pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush to remove the dirt while the purified water rinses it away. Any excess water left on the window dries completely to leave a smear free finish.

Better Cleaning Results
No chemicals or detergents are used, only pure water. This means no soap residue is left on the window meaning the windows stay cleaner for longer. Window frames are also cleaned more thoroughly than using traditional methods.

Reduced Disturbance
Compared to ladders water fed pole systems causes less noise and disturbance and reduces potential damage to window sills and surrounding areas.

Increased Privacy
Operatives work from the ground floor level so no need to worry about the window cleaner suddenly appearing at the bedroom window.

Improved Access
Window cleaners can now reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property such as third floor windows, conservatory roofs, windows above the conservatory or sloping roofs and other windows that previously had to be left for safety reasons.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety Legislation now limits the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law states that ladders should only be used when all viable safer alternatives have been considered. Water fed pole systems are a safer alternative. Naturally we are committed to complying with current Health and Safety Regulations. Risk assessments are carried out in order to identify specific as well as general hazards. All staff are fully trained and competent at using all equipment. All equipment is well maintained and inspected prior to each use.


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